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Sila Long, a mother, wife, professional, adjunct professor, and author loves Mondays. “Another chance to get things right.”

Her passion for writing found its expression throughout her life. But it was while writing a book for the academic arena that she became infected by the writing bug as it neared completion. She had for a long time written short stories and loads of poems for own creative release and enjoyment, but this time was different. “I was writing on an important issue involving women in the academic sphere that required a tight focus on research and factual data. It was satisfying but also frustrating. I knew I had had plenty to say, but how do I integrate important issues and themes primarily about women into stories that excite, entertain and provoke?” This was the driving question as she started her new creative writing endeavor. “Women talk a lot about relationship issues and think and talk about sex. It is a natural part of intimacy that should be celebrated. I was disappointed to learn that if I wanted to include sex in my stories in ways that women talk about sex, it came with an industry label–erotic. It also meant a specific genre placement. I feel that this label dissuades a host of readers from reading A Brush with Fate.” Nevertheless, she wrote her first trilogy, a suspenseful hot romantic tale about two complicated individuals, brought together by fate, who take readers on an amazing ride as they struggle to build a powerful relationship despite forces from their past determined to intrude and disrupt them at every turn. How it all ends will leave readers hungry for more.

The complete A Brush with Fate Trilogy is now available.

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A Brush with Fate
A Brush with Fate
Crazy Love (A Brush with Fate Book 2)
Crazy Love (A Brush with Fate Book 2)
Always ~ A Brush with Fate ~ Book 3
Always ~ A Brush with Fate ~ Book 3

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